Unique and Coolest Things to 3D Print

Looking for coolest things to 3D print ideas? Tired of uninspiring 3D printer projects? Discover our curated list of unique and creative coolest things to 3D print just for you!

Just like you, we’re thrilled by the endless possibilities of coolest things to 3D print. However, the landscape is often filled with frivolous trinkets and unnecessary objects. Let’s break free from the mundane! Explore our collection of practical and innovative coolest things to 3D print ideas that showcase the true potential of this remarkable technology.

Updated monthly under our printocracy, we continuously curate and update the list to ensure you always have access to the latest and most engaging coolest things to 3D print. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to meaningful creations. Join us in embracing the world of useful coolest things to 3D print.

3d print ideas


Robotic Arm

Build your own precision robotic arm with this challenging yet rewarding project. Designed by Skyentific, this coolest things to coolest things to 3D print creation requires expertise in building, mechanics, and coding. The files are available for free download, the code is open source, and detailed documentation guides you through the process. Unleash your engineering skills and bring this impressive robotic arm to life.

Magic Whistle

Discover the intriguing sound-producing capabilities of the Magic Whistle by Chris K. Despite having holes on the sides, this whistle produces sound when you close the holes with your fingers. With just two grams of filament and a quick print time, you can create this fascinating and entertaining musical accessory. Download the files from Cults and enjoy the magic of the Magic Whistle.

Ultimate Filament Clip Clamp 

Say goodbye to loose filament strands, tangles, and knots with the Ultimate Filament Clip Clamp by Henrique Fontana. This small yet effective clip clamp keeps your filament spool neat and tidy, ensuring a smooth printing experience. With just one meter of filament and a short 20-minute print time, you can create this essential tool. Download the design from Thingiverse and enhance your filament management.

Squeeze Drill 

Experience the versatility of the Squeeze Drill, one of the coolest things to 3D print. Designed by Frank Soul, this mechanical drill is activated by squeezing the trigger, making it ideal for light drilling tasks without the need for electricity. With the downloadable files available on Printables, you can easily create this practical and handy tool for your workshop. Start printing and add this innovative tool to your collection today.

3d print ideas

Pocket Screwdriver Kit

Keep your screwdriver bits organized with this compact pocket screwdriver kit by Schutz. This coolest things to 3D print can hold up to four bits securely, with the cover snapping closed for easy storage. An extra disc magnet ensures that the bit stays in place while using the screwdriver. Designed to be printed quickly without support structures, this pocket screwdriver kit showcases a simple yet elegant design. Download the files from Printables and enjoy this practical and portable tool.

Tally Counter 

Keep track of counts effortlessly with the coolest things to 3D print Tally Counter by FredrikHamrebjorkDesigns. Whether counting people, things, cars, or even cats, this practical tool allows you to increment or decrement the count with a press of your thumb. Perfect for various counting tasks, this mechanical tally counter is a rewarding weekend project that is not overly complicated to print and assemble. Download the files from Printables and start counting!

Hexx Case Tool 

Roll Organize your tools with the Hexx Case Tool Roll by Davie CC. Inspired by an old Dutch Rolykit Toolbox, this innovative design allows you to store your tools in individual compartments that can be rolled into a compact hexagonal toolbox. If you appreciate this concept, you’ll find more clever tool storage designs on Davie CC’s Thingiverse profile. Download this practical tool roll from Thingiverse and simplify your tool organization

Squeeze Fan 

Cool down on hot days with the Squeeze Fan by George Zhu. This coolest things to 3D print 3D printed fan is powered by a squeezing mechanism, eliminating the need for additional batteries. Designed for more than just play, this fan offers practical cooling capabilities. Experience the refreshing breeze by printing and assembling this fan, available for download on Thingiverse.


Floating Shelves

Transform your space with coolest things to 3D print and cost-effective floating shelves. Created by Triple G Workshop, these shelves emulate the look of high-end designer pieces without the hefty price tag. Utilizing wood-fill filament and your 3D printer, you can customize the shelves to your desired size and even choose between versions with or without mounting holes. Enhance your decor and organizational capabilities with these functional and visually appealing shelves. They are available for download on Printables.

3d print ideas

Bauhaus Tray

Get inspired by the iconic Bauhaus design style with this modular tray system by AndrzejG. Designed for customization, this tray can expand to fit your specific needs. Choose from various tray sizes, cardholders, hangers, pots, and even vases. Connecting the segments with pins placed under the structure creates a visually appealing and functional tray system. Bring a touch of Bauhaus aesthetics to your organization with this coolest things to 3D print 3D printed tray, available for download on Printables.

Coat Hanger Connector 

Maximize your closet space with this handy 3D printed coat hanger connector by inagakitakahiro. In just a few minutes of printing time, you can create additional space in your wardrobe. This nifty accessory allows you to stack coat hangers efficiently, making the most of your closet’s capacity. Download the files from Thingiverse and optimize your closet organization.

Modular Desk Organizer 

Achieve optimal desk organization with the Modular Desk Organizer by Davide Antonello, one of the coolest things to 3D print. This versatil[e design provides eleven purpose-driven modules to store pens, pencils, glasses, business cards, phones, SD cards, USB sticks, and more. Customize and mix-and-match the modules according to your needs, and add a touch of elegance by printing the base tray with wood-filled filament. Start organizing your desk in style by downloading this innovative desk organizer from Printables.


3d print ideas

Bottle Opener

Upgrade your bottle-opening experience with this thoughtfully designed, one-handed bottle opener by Quattro. Featuring a hexagon pattern, this 3D printable model is not only visually appealing but also engineered to withstand mechanical stress. Rest assured that it won’t break after opening a few bottles, even if your motor skills are compromised. All you need is a small magnet and either a Euro cent or a dime, depending on your currency. Now you can effortlessly open your bottles in style. Download this practical and stylish bottle opener from Printables.

Measuring Cube 

Simplify your kitchen measurements with the Measuring Cube by Matt Strengler. This ingenious design features slots on each side of the cube for precise measuring in cups or tablespoons. For optimal food safety, it is recommended to print this cube in PETG material. Say goodbye to multiple measuring tools and streamline your cooking process with this handy kitchen accessory, available for download on Thingiverse.


Tissue Box

Elevate the look of your standard tissue box with this 3D printed cover by Harms3D. Say goodbye to unattractive tissue boxes in your bathroom. Simply place this bottomless cover over the box and instantly add a touch of elegance. Download this stylish and practical tissue box cover from Printables.


Vacuum Cleaner Adapters 

Discover a wide range of vacuum cleaner and Shopvac accessories designed by Peter H. on Printables. From wall mounting tools to cable clips and various adapters, you’ll find a plethora of 3D printed solutions for your cleaning needs. Among the innovations is a camlock connector with a magnetic catch. Explore and download these convenient vacuum cleaner accessories to enhance your cleaning routine.

Self-Watering Planter 

Keep your houseplants thriving with the Self-Watering Planter by Parallel Goods. This automatic plant waterer ensures your plants receive the right amount of hydration, eliminating the worry of neglect. Perfect for kitchen herbs, this planter can extend the life of your herbs by up to a week longer. Take advantage of this practical solution by downloading the Self-Watering Planter from Cults.


3d print ideas

RC Plane

Take to the skies with the lightweight and beginner-friendly Piper J-3 Cub RC plane by 3D Lab Print. This easy-to-assemble model offers excellent flight characteristics and can be quickly repaired by reprinting parts if needed. With 126 printable parts, it’s recommended to use a lightweight material like PolyLight LW-PLA for optimal performance. Download the files from Printables and embark on an exciting RC flying adventure.

Wind-up Boat 

Experience fun for both kids and parents with the fully 3D printed Wind-up Boat by Mike. Complete with a winding mechanism, this small boat can be launched on small lakes or even in the bathtub. The latest version of this mechanical 3D printed boat features improvements such as a larger winding mechanism for easier winding with wet hands, a rudder for improved stability, enhanced transmission, rounded edges, and improved button grips. Download the files from Printables and enjoy some water-based excitement.


Customizable Keychain 

Personalize your keyring with a unique touch using Layermodels’ customizable keychain. Add your name or any desired text and choose from a variety of base options, allowing up to 15 characters. The free download includes the alphabet in a standard font with non-rotating letters, or you can opt for rotating letters for a fidget toy experience. Download this personalized keychain from Thingiverse and make your keys stand out.

Charger Cable Organizer 

Tackle cable clutter with the Charger Cable Organizer by DFV Tech. Designed to shorten excess cable length, this compact box stores the cable within itself. Simply rotate the lid to reel in the cable, and if you need more length, just pull on both ends. Say goodbye to tangled cables and enjoy a neat and organized charging experience. Download this cable organizer from Printables and simplify your cable management.

Slim Credit Card Wallet 

Keep your cards organized with the Slim Credit Card Wallet by Aljaz Titoric. This sleek wallet features a button on the back that allows up to five cards to slide out effortlessly. With just three 3D printed parts, assembly is quick and easy. Find the assembly instructions and download this practical wallet from Thingiverse

Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand 

Enhance your smartphone experience with the Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand by Arron Mollet. This versatile phone stand offers multiple viewing angles and features a quick grab/release mechanism that securely locks your phone in place and releases it effortlessly when picked up. Designed to accommodate larger smartphones, this stand can be fully printed, with the exception of a small extension spring that needs to be installed during assembly. Find this practical and user-friendly phone stand on Thingiverse.

8. FUN

coolest things to 3D print

coolest things to 3D print

Indoor Boomerang 

Have fun with the last meter of your filament spool by printing this simple and entertaining indoor boomerang by Martin Rigatoni. With just two layers and less than 5 grams of filament, it can be quickly printed. After cooling, slightly bend the edges downward, and you’re ready to start throwing. Enjoy watching it fly around a two-meter wide circle and return to your hands. Find the download for this cool indoor boomerang on Printables.


Cotton Pad and Tips Holder 

Bring organization and convenience to your beauty routine with this cool things: a 3d print cotton pad and tips holder by Deli Pistačná. This compact container can be printed quickly, allowing you to neatly store your cotton pads and tips. Elevate your vanity space with this practical and stylish holder. Download the files from Printables and enjoy the benefits of this useful beauty accessory.

10. SIGN

Wi-Fi QR Code Sign 

Make sharing your Wi-Fi hotspot information a breeze with this 3D printed Wi-Fi QR code sign by Radiojack. Ideal for front desks and public spaces, this stand displays a QR code that guests can scan with their smartphones to connect to the network automatically. Simply follow the instructions provided by Radiojack, generate the QR code in Tinkercad, and print. There’s even a version with magnets for attaching to the fridge. Download this handy Wi-Fi sign from Printables and simplify guest access to your network.


Uno Card Rugged Box 

Keep your Uno cards safe and secure with this rugged box designed by Marcus_P. Adapted from a popular customizable box design, this sturdy container can withstand some abuse and is perfect for holding a deck of Uno cards. Simply print the parts and follow the assembly instructions, using six M3 machine screws. Download this protective box from Cults and enjoy a durable storage solution for your favorite card game.

Mini Hanging Storage Container 

Efficiently store small items with this versatile mini container designed by Sytan. Whether for medication or geocaching essentials, this two-part container offers a secure solution. Attach it to a keyring, wear it around your neck with a leather band, or hook it onto your backpack. For enhanced water resistance, consider adding a rubber O-ring. Download this handy mini storage container from Printables and keep your essentials organized.

Shoe Organizer

Conquer the clutter of shoe collections with this 3D printed shoe organizer by Jordi_id7. With an average of 19 pairs of shoes for women and six pairs for men, this practical rack helps maximize space and keep your footwear neatly stored. Say goodbye to shoe chaos and download this shoe organizer from Thingiverse to maintain an organized and efficient shoe storage solution.

3d print ideas

Gravity Broom-Holder 

End the frustration of organizing broomsticks in your cabinet with the Gravity Broom-Holder by LoboCNC. This ingenious 3D printed helper utilizes a rolling gear and the broom’s weight to securely clamp the stick in place. To remove the broom, simply lift the handle slightly towards and outward from the gear. Once settled back down, it locks in place again. Download this practical broom-holder from Printables and revolutionize your broom storage.

3-Digits Combination Safe Box 

Protect your valuables with the 3-Digits Combination Safe Box by Hugo. Although not as secure as its steel counterpart, this 3D printed safe offers a fun project and a basic level of security. While assembly instructions are provided, beginners might find it slightly challenging, making it an ideal project for those with some experience. Build your own combination safe and gain insights into how these devices work. Download the files from Printables and embark on this engaging project.

Zippy Bag Clip 

Experience the convenience of 3D printed zippers with the Zippy Bag Clip by LoboCNC. This free model comes with rows of interlocking fingers that securely cinch a bag shut. While it requires some assembly with pivot joints and hinge pins, the end result is a fun and satisfying closure for bags. Simply fold the bag over to form a straight edge, open the zipper, feed the bag’s edge into the fingers, and close the zipper to secure it. Download this entertaining and practical bag clip from Printables.

Remote Spring Mount 

Keep your remote control easily accessible with the 3D printed Remote Spring Mount by Byteslinger. This holder is not just a convenient storage solution for a Chromecast TV remote but also includes a spring mechanism. With a satisfying click, the remote jumps out when you need it, allowing for easy retrieval. Ensure that your remote always has a fixed space with this clever and practical design. Download the files from Printables and enjoy the convenience of a readily available remote control.

Oreo Box 

Put your black and white filament to good use with the 3D printable Oreo Cookie Box by Robert Wiley. This redesigned version of the popular design offers two sizes (90mm and 180mm diameter) to accommodate your snacking needs. Enjoy the fun of printing and assembling this delicious-looking box that adds a touch of creativity to your storage solutions. Download the Oreo Box from Cults and satisfy your cravings for both cookies and 3D printing.

Spring Loaded Box 

Experience the clever design of the Spring Loaded Box by Sunshine. This box features a 3D printed spring mechanism that allows it to snap open with the press of a button. What makes it even more impressive is that everything is printed in one go, eliminating the need for assembly. Discover the functionality and convenience of this box by downloading it from Cults.


coolest things to 3D print

coolest things to 3D print

3D Printed Guitar 

Experience the beauty and unique sound of the Prusacaster, a stunning electric guitar created by Mikolas Zuza. This 3D printed instrument draws inspiration from the classic Fender Telecaster, featuring a large bridge and exceptional design. In addition to the printed parts, you’ll need a guitar kit like the Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit T-Style, which provides frets, pickups, and electronics. Discover the world of 3D printed musical instruments and download the Prusacaster files from Printables.



Experience the raw grit and intense fun of Minichess, a condensed version of the classic game. Designed by Daniel Beaver, Minichess is played on a 5×5 board with fewer pieces, bringing back the excitement of the early stages of chess. Printing the board and pieces is straightforward, and you can enhance the set with small magnets to hold the storage tray in place. Challenge your opponents to this captivating variant of chess. Download the files from Cults and start playing!

Card Deck Shuffler 

Level up your card game experience with the Card Deck Shuffler by LarsRb. This colorful creation is designed to successfully shuffle decks of cards up to the official poker card size. Say goodbye to fumbling mid-shuffle and maintain your poker face with this handy shuffling tool. Download the Card Deck Shuffler from MyMiniFactory and elevate your game.


coolest things to 3D print

coolest things to 3D print

Gear Clock 

Add a touch of elegance to your wall with this coolest things to 3D print gear clock by Luke’s 3D. Designed to be printed and assembled without extensive prior experience, this clock utilizes a common quartz clock mechanism. Perfect for a weekend project, even for beginners, it offers a satisfying and functional timepiece. Download the design from Cults and create your own gear clock.

Maker Lamp 

Discover the creative designs of Agustin “Flowalistik” Arroyo with the Maker Lamp. Known for his taste and style, Agustin has become one of the leading product designers in the 3D printing community. This lamp showcases his talent and is available for free download from Printables. For those interested in delving deeper into his design process, Agustin offers a paid course on domestika.com.

15. PETS

Cat Feeder 

Ensure controlled feeding for your feline friend with this practical 3D printed Cat Feeder by Alerat. Designed to dispense the proper amount of dry food at pre-set times, this device helps prevent overfeeding. With three different worm gear designs to accommodate various food sizes, the Arduino-based feeder even includes a battery for backup power. Download this innovative Cat Feeder from Cults and keep your cat satisfied and well-fed.


Honeycomb Storage Wall 

Upgrade your office organization with this sleek honeycomb storage wall designed by RostaP. As an alternative to common pegboards, this 3D printable honeycomb design provides a stylish and efficient way to store items cluttering your desk. From computer keyboards and SD cards to USB sticks, disk drives, and cables, everything can be securely stored. Additionally, hooks and small storage compartments are available for further customization. Discover the possibilities of this modular storage system by downloading the design from Printables.

Under-Desk Drawer 

Declutter your desk with the Under-Desk Drawer by Ma Ze. Designed to store staplers, remotes, USB drives, pens, and other small items, this drawer keeps your essentials out of sight, creating a clean workspace. Simply print the drawer and mount it under your desk using three screws. Enjoy the benefits of a tidy and organized desk with this convenient 3D printed storage solution, available for download on Thingiverse.

Battery Dispenser 

Keep your batteries organized and readily accessible with the Battery Dispenser by Fabien Fa. Instead of hiding them away in drawers, this dispenser holds 20 AA and 35 AAA batteries, presenting them prominently for easy access. Print this practical dispenser from Thingiverse and eliminate the hassle of searching for batteries when you need them.


Circle Lamp 

Illuminate your space with the mesmerizing Circle Lamp by Minchang Kwon. While the documentation may not be extensive, the result is undeniably beautiful. This DIY lamp would typically come at a hefty price in a store, but with the 11 3D printed parts, a strip of LEDs, glue, sandpaper, patience, and a suitable spot, you can create your own stunning lamp. Discover the artistic potential of 3D printing by downloading this lamp design from Thingiverse.

coolest things to 3D print

coolest things to 3D print

LED Hexagonal Panels 

Merge functionality and artistry with the LED Hexagonal Panels by Bigjim36. These panels can serve as both lamps and decorative pieces, allowing you to create your desired ambiance. Each panel takes approximately 2.5 hours to print, and most parts snap together, requiring only an LED strip and a small amount of superglue for assembly. Add a touch of elegance and illumination to your space by downloading these hexagonal panels from Thingiverse.

Anti-Gravity Planter 

Add a touch of magic to your space with the Anti-Gravity Planter by Etienne Dawson. This unique planter creates the illusion of hovering in mid-air, thanks to its tensegrity design. While there is no drainage hole, you can ensure your plant’s happiness by adding a layer of gravel before planting. Bring a sense of wonder to your home with this captivating planter, available for download on Thingiverse.

Impossible Table 

Challenge reality with the Impossible Table by Oak600. Using the principle of tensegrity, this table appears to defy gravity, creating the illusion of a floating tabletop tethered by strings. Embrace the visual intrigue of this unique design and discover the possibilities of 3D printing. Download the Impossible Table from Thingiverse and bring a touch of enchantment to your space.



Groovi Monster Sound Amplifier 

Boost your smartphone’s sound with the Groovi Monster Sound Amplifier by 3DShook, one of the cool 3D prints available. This unique and eye-catching passive amplifier enhances the audio quality of your smartphone’s speakers, adding an extra oomph to your tunes. Experience the charm and functionality of the Groovi Monster by downloading it from Cults. Elevate your listening experience with this fun and innovative 3D printed sound amplifier. 


Digital Sundial 

Witness the marvel of the Digital Sundial by Mojoptix. This extraordinary 3D printed creation displays the actual time at 20-minute intervals using a carefully engineered shape that filters sunlight. Operational only during daylight hours between 10:00 and 16:00, this digital sundial adds a touch of technological wonder to your outdoor space. Experience the magic of this unique timepiece by downloading it from Thingiverse.


In conclusion, 3D printing offers endless possibilities for practical and useful creations. Our curated list of coolest things to 3D print provides inspiration and ideas for bringing your 3D print ideas to life. Embrace this remarkable technology, unleash your creativity, and explore the everyday applications of coolest things to 3D print today!

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