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R3DMakers Partner Program

is an exclusive partnership with 3D Artists that wish to enter the lucrative market of 3D STL Files subscriptions!

3D STL Subscription Market

The 3D STL subscription market is a growing market where artists create amazing 3D models for:
Miniature Enthusiasts
Table-top Role Playing
Hobbyist Painters
And more..!

Printed Passion Community

These passionate fans will 3D print your models and use them for various purposes. The community is strong and the love is real!
Some of the industry leaders include:
Geoffro / Hex3D
Lord of the Print
Titan-Forge Miniatures
Witchsong Miniatures
Claymore Miniatures

The Challenges

With success stories, there are also many difficulties facing new artists that wish to venture into the market.
The challenges include:
Branding, Marketing and Ad Campaigns
Marketing any product successfully is difficult; marketing a niche product is even harder. Creating an account at Patreon, MMF does not equal success and exposure.
Suitability of 3D Models
Not all 3D models are suitable for printing. Knowing what and how to create a 3D model that fits the customer’s needs is essential for success
Customer Support
Customer support is essential in running a successful subscription service
Platform Management
Be in Patreon, MyMiniFactory or R3DMakers, only a well-managed platform page will provide the ease-of-use and great experience for subscribers

With the R3DMakers Partners Program

You just have to:

Let your imagination run wild and create
amazing 3D Models!

R3DMakers will:
  • Evaluate your 3D models for suitability
  • Provide the monthly design theme based on market trends
  • Create 3DSupports for your 3D models for successful prints
  • Run marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google and all major platforms
  • Partnering and sponsoring Youtubers and Influencers
  • Package your models with other Artists’ as a Premium
  • Manage the customer service channel
  • Market globally to the emerging Asian Market
3D Models

Utilizing Existing Models

*We can even use your existing 3D models to start without you having to create new ones.
Our Partnership allows artists like you to receive
of the monthly subscription fees.
With our experience and manpower to identify, market and grow efficiently PLUS your artistic models, we can provide a never-before-seen product for our passionate subscribers.

Just reply to the email to start a conversation with us!

Email us if you’re interested in embarking on this journey together!

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