Beyond Heaven & Hell
Our October 5e Campaign & Miniature Release
A Loot Feeling Every Month
The Only Miniature Subscription You Need
A New Bundle With A Different Adventure Every Month
Recreate universes just like you’ve imagined them with the right mini for every story
Pre-Supported, Prototyped & Ready-To-Print Models
All models you’ll get have been prepared and tested for the most popular printers
Statue-Scale Models As Loyalty Rewards For Sticking Around
For every 3-month cycle you stay a member, you get an exclusive not-for-sale model
A Huge Member-Only Community
Connect with thousands of looters already sharing tips on printing, painting and playing
50% Discount On All Previous Bundles
We’ve released over 30 bundles so far, and as a member, you get 50% OFF on all of them
Lifetime Access To Your Models Whenever You Need Them
No need to worry about downloading ahead of time or keeping your files safe on your own

All This and More, For Only
$10 on Patreon.
When you subscribe to our Patreon, you are helping us deliver tons of high quality miniatures & games for only $10/month.
Every month you’ll receive lots of highly detailed and beautifully sculpted models, as well as some extras. We also include highly detailed terrain, bases, rulebooks, paper miniatures, and much more!

I swear, every time there's an Archvillain Games release I say, ‘This is the greatest release yet.’ And it keeps happening."

John Doe


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