Top 10 Software for Laser Engraver & Cutter of 2024

Laser cutting is a finicky business, requiring precise software for guiding the concentrated beam of light. To achieve harmonious results, vector files are crucial, defining lines, points, curves, and shapes for the laser cutter. Discover the best software for laser engraver, aiding in design, machine communication, and control, ensuring optimal results for your projects. Please note that nesting tools for efficient arrangement are not covered in this article.

software for laser engraver
software for laser engraver


software for laser engraver
software for laser engraver
  • DraftSight is one of the best software for laser engraver
  • It is 2D design software by Dassault Systèmes, ideal for vector drawings and 2D drafting.
  • It complements SolidWorks for 3D modeling and offers similar attention to detail.
  • The image trace function easily converts BMP, JPEG, or PNG images into vector lines, simplifying pattern cutting.
  • The “hairline” option ensures precise laser cuts by setting the exact size of a single pass of the laser.
  • DraftSight helps avoid less precise cuts and blurry lines around project edges, delivering sharp results.
  • Costing around $200 per year with a 30-day free trial, it is a valuable tool for achieving precise and single cuts.


software for laser engraver
software for laser engraver
  • TurboCAD is a feature-rich software designed to facilitate laser cutting, not just a cheaper AutoCAD clone.
  • The Overkill tool efficiently removes overlapping arcs and lines, cleaning up vector drawings for laser cutting.
  • The laser engraver software also eliminates redundancies and tracks changes with its event viewer.
  • TurboCAD’s PDF Underlay tool allows users to copy designs by saving them as vector PDF files and tracing over them in a new project.
  • The software’s smart snapping feature ensures precision by automatically matching the midpoints and endpoints of lines to the PDF design.
  • Created by TurboCAD Design Group, it costs approximately $70 for TurboCAD Designer, with a 15-day free trial, and is best suited for copying and cleaning up designs for laser cutting.

Adobe Illustrator

software for laser engraver
software for laser engraver
  • The industry’s benchmark design software and the best laser engraving software.
  • Features Artboards for easy layout and precise fit on material sheets for laser cutting.
  • Widely used by graphic artists, providing an advantage for laser cutting projects.
  • Easily adapt Illustrator skills with best practices for laser cutting optimization.
  • Third-party plug-ins like Gcode Tools enable G-code conversion within Illustrator (around $10 cost).
  • Additional control software required to send the generated G-code to your laser cutting machine.
  • Created by Adobe, Illustrator costs approximately $240 per year, offering a 30-day free trial, and excels at creating vector line illustrations and laser engraving.

Affinity Designer

software for laser engraver
software for laser engraver
  • One of the best alternatives to Adobe Illustrator and considered as the best laser engraver software.
  • Offers powerful creation features and tools, including working with multiple artboards and applying custom grids and guides.
  • Allows users to work with raster images, providing sufficient control for laser engraving purposes.
  • Available for Windows and Mac as a one-time purchase software, and also on iPad at half the price of the desktop version.
  • Created by Serif, cost: ~$50 on Windows or Mac, ~$15 on iPad (one-time purchase).
  • Ideal for vector and raster image editing at an affordable price point.


software for laser engraver
software for laser engraver
  • A free, open-source laser cutting software, and a powerful alternative to Adobe Illustrator.
  • Uses scalable vector graphics (SVG) as its native format, enabling users to create designs without any royalty fees.
  • Offers third-party plug-ins like the Inkscape Laser Tool Plug-In for G-code conversion in laser cutting and engraving machines.
  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux, providing a seamless experience across operating systems.
  • Created by Inkscape, it’s the best option for tinkering with your design experience without any cost.


software for laser engraver
software for laser engraver
  • An all-in-one editor and control software package for laser cutting.
  • Supports importing common vector graphic and bitmap image formats for easy editing and creation.
  • Allows adjusting laser cutting settings like power, speed, and passes, then sends directly to your machine.
  • Compatible with most laser cutters and G-code controllers in the market.
  • Created by LightBurn Software, costing around $60 for G-code controllers, ~$120 for DSP controllers, and offers a 30-day free trial.
  • Best suited for handling a variety of file formats in laser cutting tasks.

OpenBuilds CAM & Control

software for laser engraver
software for laser engraver
  • An online repository and community for hardware designers to share projects and commercialize parts for DIY machines.
  • Released two programs: OpenBuilds CAM and OpenBuilds Control, supporting milling and laser cutting.
  • OpenBuilds CAM generates G-code through a web-based application, while Control previews and simulates G-code before machine sending.
  • Both programs are free to use and compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux, supporting most CNC and laser machines.
  • Created by OpenBuilds, best for controlling any machine without any cost.


software for laser engraver
software for laser engraver
  • A free laser cutting and engraving G-code generator and streamer for Windows, compatible with GRBL motion control firmware.
  • Lightweight software with no special hardware requirements, offering an uncluttered user interface with customizable buttons.
  • Generates G-code for cutting and engraving within the same software.
  • Standout feature: Vectorization tool that converts pixel-based images (JPEG, PNG) to vectorized format through tracing, with spot removal and smoothing features for optimal results.
  • Created by arkypita, LaserGRBL is the best choice for cutting and engraving tasks without any cost.


software for laser engraver
software for laser engraver
  • LaserWeb: A fourth iteration of free, open-source laser engraving programs.
  • Generates code for lasers and CNC mills from compatible files, translating your vector file to your laser cutter.
  • Controls the laser cutter based on your design file, supporting collaboration with multiple files in different formats in a single project.
  • Features a job cost estimator for budgeting and invoicing purposes.
  • Active community with user modifications, tips, and additions, offering unique niche extras not found in other laser cutting software.
  • Created by Peter van der Walt (project coordinator), best for controlling your laser cutter based on your design, and it’s free to use.

SolidEdge 2.0

software for laser engraver
software for laser engraver
  • A 2D drafting software by SIEMENS for professional laser cutting and manufacturing projects.
  • Offers practical and powerful features for designing and editing files for laser cutters.
  • Seamless transition wizard for AutoCAD users to adapt to the new work environment.
  • Basic yet effective tool set for creating various unique designs, including dimensions, annotations, and layers.
  • Direct export to DWG file format for easy use with laser cutters.
  • Suitable for professional results and can be used for everyday hobby purposes.
  • Price: Free.

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